Happy Birthday Nikshar

Happy Birthday Nikshar
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You must be thinking. “Whom are we wishing a birthday ?”. Is it a kid?… Is it a celebrity or a member of my team? 

Well the answer is “None of the Above”….. 

Nikshar is not a person, rather it is a Facebook group created on 9th May 2018 by Kiran Khatri. She understood that Udaipur had a lot of talent but the talent needed a stage and she gave Udaipur a stage by creating “NIKSHAR“. 

Beautiful poetry is like gold hidden in the earth but gold deserves to come out and shine. Likewise beautiful poetry deserves to come out of the hidden diaries and sooth our souls. That is what Nikshar has been doing for past 2 years.


Nikshar's Journey

Nikshar is the brain baby of Kiran Khatri, a teacher, a social activist and a very sensitive woman. She always wanted to contribute to literature and see what a way she found. She brought Nikshar in the lives of Udaipurites.

Nikshar started growing up in this era of social media. It has taken small steps every day from being a Facebook group, with a few people in it, to becoming such a big real life entity. Till date Nikshar has done more than 15 online poetry competitions and 8 open mics, in such a short time.

The first online poetry competition came in June,2018 in which more than 50 entries came. In July, Nikshar did its first stage open mic.

After the first open mic, Nikshar’s caravan went on. They did open mics after open mics and they kept learning from their experiences. They faced challenges as it is never easy to cope up with the financial expenses an art requires, but they never gave up. After every open mic they came out better than ever.

Kiran Khatri has an amazing love for poetry, for some open mics she even had to put money out of her own pocket. She believes that “The golden smiles that these open mics put on poet’s faces are much more valuable than money.”

What I love about Nikshar is that it has given so many people an opportunity to open the hidden diaries of their hearts and express themselves with their poetry. 

An incident as shared with me by Kiran, that a girl who has written more than a 1000 poems but never performed them just because her family was conservative and never gave her the opportunity to display her talent and share her beautiful creations. Nikshar gave her the opportunity and the stage.

I feel we need more people like Kiran who keep art very close to their heart. Also we need more and more initiatives like Nikshar. These initiatives will one day give our country thousands of Shakespeares and Galibs.

My wish to Nikshar

Nikshar has come a long way in these two years but I wish it grows more and more everyday. Nikshar has done 8 open mics but I wish to see 800 more from them.

Event after event they do something more exciting. Even in the time of this pandemic and lock-down, they have organised an online poetry competition. This love for art even in this lock-down shows that they are not going to stop in the future. 

In the end I want to finish with a piece that I wrote for Nikshar (inspired by Om Maheshwari) 

“खोल दो  पर अपने, अभी एक लम्बी उड़ान बाकि है 

 ज़मीन नहीं मंजिल तुम्हारी, अभी पूरा आसमान बाकि है” 

 All the best to Nikshar…..


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