I am his big Irr-Fan

I am his big Irr-Fan

Today our country woke up to the sorrowful news of the death of the acting magician Irrfan Khan at the age of 53. From his television shows to movies like Hindi Medium, He gave life to every character and every tear he cried, every laugh he had made us laugh with him. 

When he is a goon, then you fear him, when he is a comedian then you laugh, when he frightened, you also get frightened with him. This is the power of Irrfan Khan’s acting. 

When I saw the news tears rolled down my eyes, every moment of laugh and love he brought in my life through his movies, the inspiration he gave made me everything just flashed before my eyes. I just wish that we could have him for longer……

Irrafan Khan or The Inspire Khan...

I have faced many ups-downs in my life. I  even had days when I had to worry about what I will eat tonight and where would I sleep.

In such days, I once listened to an interview of Irrfan, he told his tale of days when he worked for 22 hours in a day and then slept at the studio to wake up to work again. He worked in television for 12 years before getting his breakthrough in the film industry. Television industry is one of the most unforgiving and competitive industry it exploits the actors too much.

He kept doing that for years without getting any big scratch in his life. His brilliance never saw a fall, he kept learning and growing.

His story worked like a fuel for me, it gave me power to face every obstacle and come out strong everyday. Whenever I saw his movies felt  connection to him, every emotion his character went through. I felt that emotion by heart.

One thing I want to say is Irrfan Sir is immortal, he will always live in the smiles and emotions he brought in our life. His courage will inspire millions to come and his versatility will never be matched and his movies will always be the benchmark they were…..

Will Miss you a lot, 

Your big Irr-Fan,

Neetu Chopra 

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  1. Vinay Vyas

    So sad to lose such a great personality and a wonderful actor. He was not just an actor but an acting school himself.

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