Labor’s Day: Let’s honor those who make our lives honorable

Have a good look around and see everything that surrounds us, may it be the chair you are sitting on, the computer on which you are reading this, the fan over your head , the clothes you are wearing over even the floor under you feet.. Everything that is around you was once in the hand of a hard-working laborer who gave it his sweat and made it to the form you see.

Now imagine if one day all the worker’s vanish, then do you think that our lives could even be close to what they are today? 

The answer is a clear No!, these people work hard round the year to bring us the life we live, and after all that hard-work they deserve to be honored and celebrated for one day and today is the day, The Labor’s day.

This year  the situations are not like they were before. In the wake of this enormous pandemic called Co-Vid19, whole man kind is suffering. This problem requires us all to stand together and help every person to come out of this disaster.

Some of us our not fortunate enough to be able to Stay home and support our families at the same time. Our daily wage worker, industrial labors and domestic helps need our support.  

We should come forward and help them stay home and stay safe, by giving them whatever is essential to maintain their lives. Every mother should have enough food to feed her children and herself and it is our duty to fulfill this.

So come let’s celebrate an actual “Labor’s Day” and help these hard-workers to get the essentials to life, Because

United we stand, divided we fall……  

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