lets celebrate environment enemy day

lets celebrate environment enemy day

Let’s celebrate Environment Enemy day. Yes, you read it right. 5th of June 2021, The world environment day, is no less than a ferocious reminder of the fact that we, the Human beings, are the enemies of the environment. 

Nature, the sole protector of ‘life’ on earth is now threatened by us, being ts devourer. Environment Day is not just about posting stories, but is about creating new ones by our efforts. The irony is, all of us will ‘kind of’ celebrate this day but on the very next day will be seen, littering in public places, wasting water and exploiting the natural resources for some short term needs. Awareness regarding the actual need of such kinds of days is crucial. We are blessed with a beautiful environment which we do not value, and sugar coated wishes and quotes on this day do not impart the power it holds within it.

What environment is actually ?​

I am not an ecologist, nor am I going to explain the technical definitions of this fact. I would simply rather say, environment is what and which kind of surroundings do you live in.

The five elements, Earth,water, sky, fire, air comprise a healthy environment. Even a slight change in this nature reveals its powers by exemplifying loads, such as in earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, ozone depletion and a lots. 

Who is responsible for depletion ?

As I have already mentioned, environment is where you live, your surroundings. Basically, your house, for which, you are very well aware of the cleanliness and sanitation issues. Then we consider our workplace, where we consciously put in our efforts for a minimum of one-third of a day. The private workplaces consider the working efficiencies of its employees and keep their working space ‘natural’. Then, what about those public places, that we use for our picnics, sightseeing, photos, peace and travel. Are they meant to be untidy and wasted just because they are not your property? Is the government solely responsible for the cleanliness of public places. 


I am an avid traveller, fond of mountains and beaches. The calmness and at the same time the thrill they behold cannot be explained. The soothing oceans with diverse fishes make me lost in the beauty of nature. We are in a state of ‘imagining and finding’ places where there is calmness over chaos for our trips, besides harming it ourselves. Seeing garbage spread over niches in forests and wildlife makes my tears roll down my eyes, the adverse effects of which can be seen in the forms of natural disasters, wildlife reduction, changed weather conditions and newborn fatal diseases which I described about in one of my previous blogs. All this indicates a strong response of nature against human beings who have been blindly exploiting its resources.

I am associated with an NGO named Pukaar. We celebrated 200 Sundays by planting trees where we planted 1000+ trees in the form of miyawiki forest. As soon as the forest started to flourish with beautiful butterflies, pleasant aromas and diverse creatures, the surrounding local people intentionally started to harm it out of no reason. They removed the fencing and left their cattles to graze freely in the forest. 


There is a youth group who is indulged in cleanliness of public places every weekend. Every week the group faces the same filth all over again to clean. Where on the one hand associations are trying to make changes and bring some positive changes in the society selflessly, on the other hand, there exists a majority of the population who are becoming enemies of nature. The balance between the categories is to be achieved for now. 


Anil Prakash Joshi is an Indian green activist, social worker, botanist and the founder of Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization (HESCO), a Dehradun-based non governmental organization involved in the development of environmentally sustainable technologies for the agricultural sector. We witnessed him at one of our grand projects named Gyanoday where he said that, “The youth of the country needs to understand their responsibility towards the environment and in this way, we can hope for some positive results.”



Together we can bring the change, and with this hope let us all be friends to each other and to the environment. 

Here are some ways which can prove to be useful :

  • We can form small associations for cleaning and plantation in our areas
  • Be a change maker or encourager but never a destroyer. If you cannot afford to contribute your part, just don’t nullify other’s efforts by your criticism or carelessness.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the resources as much and as far as you can. In this way, you can contribute to waste management.
  • Some strict provisions should be undertaken for those who are harming the environment intentionally. 
  • Develop feelings of belongingness for public places as well, just as you do for your home or workplace.

“Environment is no one’s property to destroy, its everyone’s property to protect.”- Mohith Agadi

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